York Photography Meetup shares photos on Instagram’s “gallery”

Min Im created the Instagram account @yorkphotowalk documenting the images taken by members of the York Photography Meetup, which she created in 2018.

Min, 34, lives in York, is an artist and photography teacher. She created her Instagram account in 2018 and has nearly 500 followers.

Min is just one of many local people who love to celebrate our city – and share their stories and photos on the popular social media platform.

Insta Stories is our new regular column, where people like Min tell us about their life in York and what makes our city special.

Here’s Min’s story on York Insta …

Why did you create @yorkphotowalk and what is your Instagram all about?

I founded York Photography Meetup in 2018 and since then I organize two to three photo walks per month. The purpose of this group is simple: we go somewhere in York and take pictures together. Although this is an amateur photo group, the members produced some amazing photos that I wanted to share with the audience. I have configured the Instagram channel to function as a virtual gallery for our members’ photo work.

What was your favorite article – and why?

One of my favorite items is the photo of the two Tanaisie beetles leaning on each other. One session we walked along the river to find Tansy beetles, but they were very well hidden. Robin, one of our members, spotted two tansy beetles and took some great close-ups of them. I posted his photos on Instagram and a lot of people have asked me where to find the beetles. I think it’s great if the images make people look around their surroundings, not just on their screens.

Why is York special to you? Name three good things if you can!

I really like that York has so much to see, but it’s small enough that you can walk almost anywhere. Of course, it is very quaint and clean, still pleasant to walk, and there are a lot of interesting and friendly people around.

What’s the best thing about Instagram?

Instagram is of course the most specifically image-based social media platform, where people communicate without text. As a photographer, it’s more attractive to me.

What other Instagrammers do you like to follow?

@yorkcreatives: A great community project for the creatives of York. @indieyork: I love independent businesses in York and this is the best channel to get information about them. @ippukuteahouse: Ippuku Tea House is a Japanese tea house in York and they upload some really interesting pics.

What’s the most surprising thing that has happened to you because of Instagram?

We once posted pictures of the Holgate Windmill that the mill staff really liked and reposted on their channel. A few weeks later, they kindly gave us the opportunity to take photos of the interior of the building, which was not open to the public.

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Tips for getting the most out of Instagram?

Of course, with Instagram posting seasonal content is a good thing because people tend to only see the images on their timeline. In order for your posts to be visible, they need to really reflect something that people are interested in at the time.

Tell us about your York Insta Story

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