Wallkill Valley photography students learn to paint with light

On February 3, local artist and photographer Paul Michael Kane visited Wallkill Valley photography students, who learned how to use light in an alternative way to create luminous paintings.

Wallkill Valley teacher MaryRose Potanka said Kane frequently attends her classes to show off some of her pro gear. Her expertise is helping her digital photography classes prepare for the school’s annual Photo Expo Show, which will be held on Friday, April 8 at 6 p.m.

“The light painting exercise is to help students better understand camera use in a manual setting, where photographers have the most control over how light enters through the lens” , Potanka said. “Students explore different sources of light ranging from a light beam or flashlight to a glow stick. Subject is in focus and locked with lights on, then lights off. Students will try different exposure times to capture the streaks of light and end up with a painting of light. “

An image The Wallkill Valley image captured everyone in their seventh period class and the Ranger Nation photo is made up of their eighth period students.

The Expo Photo is both a contest and an exhibition of student photography.

“It’s not only an opportunity to raise funds for the program, but also to allow students to create and share wonderful images,” Potanka said. “Students are invited to each submit an image to the contest. This is an open themed competition, so images may include landscapes, wildlife, landscapes’ and other subjects.

At the door, customers can purchase “ballots” with which to vote for the Best in Show image, she said. The winning photo is the image that receives the most votes.

This lucky winner will also receive a photography-inspired gift box, Potanka said.

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