Very different practitioners converge for the Hastings photographic exhibition

Sineid Codd – a chain of 12 meanings and associations – © Lauris Morgan-Griffiths

It is called Gaining Ground: Women Claiming Space.

Spokeswoman Lauris Morgan-Griffiths said: “Women who ride motorcycles, depictions of the Virgin Mary and hair issues are all featured in this provocative exhibit. Untold narratives surrounding objects are given a voice – seemingly worthless things that carry meaningful weight to their owners.

“A literal path weaves its way through the rugged Scottish landscape in search of images.

“Perspective and scale are played with, distorted and inverted visual pathways to blend accepted ways of seeing and challenge the viewer to envision new possibilities.

“Gaining Ground: Women Claiming Space, is a photographic exhibition resulting from the pure energy released by post-Covid in-person conversations, collaborations and creative sharing – phoenix resulting from the ashes of the lockdown, created by the 12 female practitioners who make part of i24 by collective action.

“The lineage of women photographers is considered in this exhibition to highlight the ground gained and the space claimed over time in light of the recent discoveries of the first female practitioners. The work references other artists, bringing together different threads to find new ways of connecting women.

“Above all, this exhibit is a celebration of the strength of collaboration – gaining ground through a shared belief that collective action is essential to forging new avenues for women and for our post-pandemic community. “

The members of i24 are: Josie Barnes, Sinéid Codd, Roz Cran, Sharon Haward, Clare Hocter, Robin Hutt, Tracy Jones, Bea Lacey, Lauris Morgan-Griffiths, Patricia Morrow-Webb, Caoimhe McDonnell and Louise Whitham.

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