TXT talks about recent hobbies and interests including music, fashion, photography, and more.

SMS recently took part in a photoshoot for Vogue magazine!

In the accompanying interview, each member had the chance to explain what particularly interested them or what they have focused on recently.

Soobin kicked off the interview by describing his particular affinity for the idea of ​​nostalgia. A K-pop fan since childhood, Soobin has mentioned the odd feeling he gets whenever he spots his album collection. He shared, “Whenever people ask about an artist’s goals, they usually mention awards or performances on a big stage. While these are great goals, I also hope that the fans who listen to our music will be happy in the future when they look back on that time, just like I did.

In addition to music, Soobin also enjoys returning to the games and TV shows he loved when he was younger. He then expressed his disappointment at the places he frequented in the past disappearing one by one. Among these places was a tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes), a restaurant he and his friends would visit after raising enough money. He reflected, “If there was a taxi that could take me at any time, I would pick my college days as my destination. I have a lot of funny memories with my friends. We always contact each other and share our joys and sorrows.

Soobin recently sifted through the photos he had accumulated on his computer since 2012. He explained why he tries to take as many photos as possible, saying, “I try to capture the simplicity of everyday life, like the food we eat at the filming site or the grimaces of the limbs. Once you transfer these easily forgotten memories into pictures, they become treasured keepsakes.

He concluded by noting that the present is just as important as holding onto nostalgia for the past. “Although I am busy working as a member of TXT, this is the time that I cannot return and a precious part of my life. As such, I work hard to immerse myself in the present.

Yeonjun chose to share her love of fashion by commenting on how each person chooses to express themselves is a reflection of their inner world. He continued, “I have not always been an opinionated person. However, I matured through dance and music and also began to refine my outlook on life through my interest in fashion. It’s not just about asserting yourself. Rather, I have come to know exactly what I want through a broader and more flexible perspective.

His interest in fashion started in college, where he wore paint-stained pants and a knit sweater that didn’t quite fit on him. After immersing himself more in fashion as he began to dance and sing, he solidified his own personal style to the point where even his colleagues are unable to afford him any fashion items. Instead, Yeonjun enjoys shopping for clothes for members, friends, and other interns. He explained, “It’s fun spending time wondering what kind of clothes would suit that person.”

Yeonjun is looking forward to winter fashion. Some of his recently purchased items include a bomber jacket, hooded blazer and gloves. However, her favorite item of the moment is none other than a heart pendant necklace from her grandmother. Yeonjun said, “It is even more meaningful because it is a necklace that represents my grandmother’s time and love. I have only been able to wear it once so far.

Yeonjun hopes he will have the chance to design his own clothes one day. Although nothing was set in stone, Yeonjun was certain of one thing: “Either way, they won’t be normal. They are going to be innovative.

Beomgyu is currently interested in photography, a hobby he started practicing while in the United States with the members while they were interns. He explained his reasoning at the time by saying, “I am someone who loves nature and wanted to capture the unfamiliar but attractive landscape.”

Although he cannot travel, Beomgyu has found a lot of beauty in the world around him. “The sunset has been really beautiful recently,” he commented. “If I don’t have a camera with me, I just take pictures with my cell phone.” Of course, Beomgyu also takes a lot of pictures of people, usually other members. He expressed his appreciation for them, saying, “I’m grateful they let me drag them around to take pictures, even though they act like they hate it.” Soobin recently bought a Polaroid camera, so we took a picture of ourselves.

As Beomgyu enjoys sharing his photos with his fans, he also expressed hope that they could meet and capture memories in person next year. He also has a photo he absolutely wants to take: a family photo in 10 years. “I hope my 30 year old self in this photo will be a good fit.”

Sports have played a big role in Taehyun’s life. “I like to exercise and I do it a lot. When I have time, I watch sports like basketball, football, and ice hockey. I also watch combat sports like martial arts and boxing, ”he revealed. “Just like the way your mind feels fed after walking past a bookstore filled to the ceiling with books, I get that kind of pleasure from watching sports.”

Taehyun cited three reasons why the sport was similar to his own profession. “First of all, it is accompanied by cheers from the fans. Second, behind the abilities of the players lies a tremendous amount of hard work. Finally, it’s nice to see players who weren’t so good growing up to achieve great success.

As a child, Taehyun participated in boxing, even competing at the national level as an elementary school student in front of thousands of people. He noted that much of his current state of mind is due to what he has learned through sport, including the importance of not giving up. “I thought I had little innate talent,” he confessed. “Now I consider talent to be the result of hard work, so I took some pride in it. While hard work is generally described as a burning passion, I think it’s more cool and composed. I have to work hard in a calm and continuous manner.

The lessons Taehyun learned through the sport were also reflected in his unofficially released song “Sweat”. He said, “Going beyond its literal meaning, sweat is proof of hard work. Spectators are captivated by a player’s sweat. Likewise, I hope someone will be affected by the growth of TXT.

From the start, Huening Kai was surrounded by music. From an early age, his father taught him to play the guitar, which earned him memories he still has in his mind. Instruments became Huening Kai’s diary, and by the time he was in elementary school he had already written a song about wanting everyone to be happy. Huening Kai reflected on his performance in a talent show, saying, “This is when I think I got a bit used to playing in front of people.”

Besides the guitar, Huening Kai also got acquainted with the piano, drums and other instruments. Having recently taken up the piano after quitting college, he explained, “One day I want to be able to hear the chords of a song and reinterpret it with my own freestyle playing. It would be nice to have a grand piano in my space then.

Huening Kai stressed the importance of practicing every day, comparing the habit to his outlook on life. “Of course there are times when my game doesn’t improve,” he admitted. “Regardless, if I train and fall asleep my skills improve the next day. It’s the same in other areas as well. Persistence is the key.

He concluded, “I have to invest a lot to complete a single song. When it comes to instrumental songs, it’s difficult because I have to convey emotions without words. Maybe it’s because I like the instruments, but I easily work on these songs. Of course, I’m the happiest when I let others listen to my finished songs. While working as a member of TXT, I am most proud when people listen to and love my game.

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