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August 2021

General illustrated – Advanced

1st place – “Road into the Storm” by Scott Schnelle

2nd place – “Buzz for this beauty!” by LaDonna Criner

3rd place – “Fascinated” by Pam Wemhaner

Photo journalism – Advanced

1st Place – “Vintage Military Vehicles Touring the United States” by Scott Schnelle

2nd Place – “Hello from the Veterans” by Pam Wemhaner

Nature – Advanced

1st Place – “New Mexico Double Rainbow After Storm” by Scott Schnelle

2nd place – “Eagle Eye” by Bill Foreman

3rd place – “There is a lot of pollen for both of us!” By LaDonna Criner

Monochrome – Advanced

1st place – “Control of water discharges from the lake to the Grand River dam” by Bill Foreman

2nd Place – “If This House Could Talk in the New Mexico Desert” by Scott Schnelle

Special competition – “Creative” – ​​Advanced

1st place – “Line ‘Em Up” by Cindy Foreman

2nd place – “Pink, plush and nice” by Nancy Gassaway

The Three Rivers Photo Club meets at 6:30 p.m. on the first Monday of the month at the Three Rivers Museum, 220 Elgin Street. The activities for the third Monday remain to be determined. The club is made up of beginner, intermediate and advanced photographers. The aim is to provide opportunities to improve our photography skills.

Information: (918) 683—0825 and leave a message or

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