Save with Sony photography deals, February promotions

Check out Sony’s one-month deals on mirrorless cameras and lenses from February 1-28.

GIVE IN to your creativity needs in 2022. Explore new adventures while nurturing your passions, whether you’re a beginner eager to learn or a zealous content creator.

Sony’s wide selection of units on sale will keep you up to date. Capture high-quality photos and videos with the A7C full-frame camera or silver kit lens.

And with Sony’s promotional pack, you’ll not only get the kit lens, but also a 64 gigabyte (GB) secure digital (SD) card, a state-of-the-art design strap, and a Bellroy bag.

For content creators, Sony’s compact camera, the ZV-1, might just be your new best friend as it offers hassle-free setup and makes vlogging so much easier. The ZV-1 is your best choice for videos and live streaming. It comes with a 64GB SD card, a limited edition windshield and a pouch with Sony’s promotional pack.

Do you want to enter the world of cameras and see beauty from a new angle? Sony also offers the compact SEL24105G lens, perfect for exploring your passion for photography. This range of lenses is best suited for novice or novice photographers as it offers stability and flexibility which not only makes it simple but even more exciting for users to capture great memorable photos. It is also available for the zero installment plan.

Pair your camera with Sony microphones that match your passions and content so you never have to worry about the clarity and quality of your audio in videos at live streaming events.

Let your imagination run wild in 2022 with Sony’s wide range of reliable mirrorless cameras, lenses and accessories for all creative needs. For more information on Sony’s mirrorless camera and lens deals, visit or connect to Sony’s Facebook page. Sony.

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