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The October and November meetings of the Citrus Hills Photography Club were a great success.

Glen Kerr’s presentation “Introduction to Flash Photography” at the October meeting gave members the opportunity to ask questions and then try out some of the things learned. Glen was assisted by Larry Dombrowski with this hands-on practice.

Although for some participants the use of flash was not new, the reminders were appreciated. For many members new techniques were learned and for beginners the flash was no longer a mystery thanks to Glen’s excellent instruction.

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Our November meeting was another fun one. Nancylee Mudd presented “A Bouquet of Ideas”. After a wonderful slideshow and Nancylee’s fun ideas for floral photography, the members visited and took photos at the various stations that Nancylee had set up.

It turned out to be an interesting and fun entry into the world of “florography”. Many images taken during this meeting have been posted on our FaceBook page.

Our “Learn Your Camera” sessions are turning out to be something of great interest to many members. The lessons are in two parts. The first will be a classroom; we are going to learn how to use the different buttons and functions of the camera. This will be followed about a week later by a practical session, and will give photographers the opportunity to put what they have learned into practice.

Field trips continue to be popular with our members. Over the past few months, we have had several.

In October, members attended the Black Diamond Invitational Car Show. With the weather cooperating, it was a perfect day to stroll around and admire the cars on display. The varieties of vehicles ranged from classic to modern, with the proud owners all too willing to give more information about their valuable possessions.

October saw the members come together in Sholom Park. Once again the weather was perfect. Members spent several hours photographing some of the beautiful flowers that adorned the gardens. The fountain was an attraction, while photographing the fish that inhabit the lake.

Several members have captured some of the local wildlife, and spiders, squirrels and even snakes have been photographed.

Our field trip in December was to Bok Tower Gardens in Lake Wales. Once again the weather was perfect and the members enjoyed the wonderful photo opportunities that arose.

Jack Twiggs presented “The Fundamentals of Evaluating Photography and Taking Your Images from ‘Just Okay’ to ‘Award Winning’ at the December 8th meeting.

We all want to improve and develop our skills. Mark your calendars and plan to be at our future meetings. In January, Jack Twiggs will present “Panorama Photography”. We have a guest speaker scheduled for the February meeting and the topic will be “Wildlife Photography. “

For more information about the club, call or email Ann Brixey at 352-960-2763; [email protected]

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