Photographic Events in the Boothbay Harbor area September 10-11

The annual Sunrise Lighthouse Photography cruise aboard the mild days is it saturday september 10 leaving platform 8 at 6am

This cruise gives you the chance to take your best shots of the area’s local lighthouses with the sun rising. Maine’s lighthouses face mostly east and with the low angle of the rising sun to the east, the local lights are bathed in very beautiful light that is perfect for viewing and photography.

Captain Bill Campbell maneuvers his ship, the mild daysso you can take photos of the perfect viewing angles of local lighthouses including Burnt Island, The Cuckolds, Ram Island and Hendricks Head.

DSLR users, traditional film users and people who use cell phone cameras are especially encouraged to come and take their best shots of the local lights and scenery. People with Android and Apple phones should consider hopping on board as you don’t need a special or expensive camera to create great looking images.

While you can shoot in full auto or green mode, better photos can usually be taken by making a few simple adjustments which will be covered along the way. Apple cell phone users are encouraged to download and install a free application called Adobe Lightroom which restores some important camera settings that Apple removed, such as the ability to adjust white balance, exposure and, on some phones, the ability to capture in Camera Raw mode. [DNG or Digital Negative] it is a mode that collects the most detail in a capture. Most Android camera phones already have these capabilities and more – search for Pro mode or Advanced mode to find these settings you can use to enhance your images. It’s best to experiment with any phone camera app well before cruising to get familiar with and feel comfortable with the controls.

Tickets are still available online by visiting the Balmy Days Cruises website and by phone at 207-633-2284. This is a rain or shine event, so plan accordingly to protect your camera. Even in rain or fog, wonderful images can still be made of the region’s lighthouses.

And on Sunday, September 11, Mike is hosting another Make your Best shot seminar at the Ocean Point Inn in East Boothbay at 5 p.m. The cost for this seminar is $10 per person or $15 for couples and payment can be made at the door. In this session, you’ll learn what the different functions of your DSLR camera do, and if you have a cell phone camera, you’ll find out which apps will help you get your best shot. This session covers many things you should have read in your camera manual – but maybe you didn’t. The session lasts just over an hour and will then adjourn to apply the tips for capturing a sunset if the weather is cooperative.

Mike Leonard is a local photographer who contributes to various media, including this newspaper. Mike’s work can be seen in local travel guides, magazines and nationally on television in weather segments on The Weather Channel. You can visit his website at to learn more about upcoming photography events.

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