NGO empowers women and girls with photography skills to promote a green environment

A non-governmental organization (NGO), Elena De’ Light is committed to protecting the environment from pollution through her Elena Women and Youths Environmental Ambassadors (EWOYEA).

Through this initiative, the NGO has empowered vulnerable and needy people in the communities with practical and in-demand skills that will enable them to earn a living while contributing positively to the sustainability of our environment.

The project also aims to raise public awareness that Mother Earth is also a living organism and, as such, to be treated as such.

The project also gave participants basic knowledge on lifestyle change that will make the earth healthy.

It also trained participants as environmental ambassadors and advocates, equipped 10 young girls and women with photography skills that would be used to capture moments and promote a green environment.

Speaking at the launch of Elena De’ Light in January, Director Ms Lucy Ladidi Elukpo said the NGO derives its mandate and impetus from the need to join global efforts to make our environment a safe and peaceful place.

She said security and peace can only be achieved and maintained if all parties and partners are treated fairly and equitably.

Furthermore, she noted that the earth has for so long been the target of man’s activities, which have continually exploited it without paying attention to the effects of his activities on the environment.

“The proponents of the Gaia hypothesis see the mother earth component as a single complex organism. For an organism to thrive and thrive, it must be cared for and properly nourished. Conversely, if he is exploited and pushed to the wall, he will revolt.

“Human activities like deforestation, indiscriminate waste disposal, mining exploration have had a huge negative impact on the environment. During the last rainy season, in one area around Lugbe, as many as 15 lives were lost and properties valued in the hundreds of millions were destroyed by flooding.

“It was because the property developer had not planned a proper drainage system in the estate. When the heavy rains came, in revolt, he took everything with him in his path.

“In November 2021, according to the BBC, oil and gas spilled from the OML-29 well into the Santa Barbara River in Bayelsa State for no less than two weeks.

“Aiteo Eastern Exploration and Production Company Ltd, owner of the exploration license for the OML 29 well, attributed this spill to sabotage while environmental experts attributed the cause to gross negligence on the part of Aiteo Eastern Exploration.

“While the blame game is on, the sad reality is that the environment has been severely degraded, with detrimental consequences to people’s quality of life,” she added.

She expressed the hope that every attendee of the event will be an environmental ambassador in the future.

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