New wildlife photography board game simulates focal lengths

Redwood is an upcoming animal photography-themed board game where players compete to compose the most beautiful panorama.

The table game is made by Sit Down! games and is designed by Christopher Raimbault. It is described as “a game of motion and viewing angle estimations”.

How does the game work

Players use transparent curved markers that symbolize the field of view of a camera attached to their photographer characters.

The player carefully maneuvers their photographer around the circular board, dodging animals and rival photographers as they search for the perfect vantage point for a shot.

According Dice breakerwho saw the game played at Gen Con 2022, if the translucent cones, which represent field of vision, land on animals, those creatures are “captured” in the player’s photo and count as a goal card.

game box

Players can score points for taking a photo with a specific number of items. Or if they took a photo from a specific location on the board. A sun revolves around the board which reveals new bonuses as you go.

Each time a player captures a successful image, it is added to a row of cards that gradually form a panoramic image of the park.


The game even simulates focal points by cutting small holes in the translucent cones that represent the perfect focal point for each player’s aim. If an animal passes through a hole, it symbolizes the sharp focus of the subject. Players can choose different field of view models that vary in length, width, and focal ranges that represent different types of lenses.

Once an animal has been photographed, it will move to another part of the park by fitting into the holes scattered around the board. The game ends after five rounds with a game that should take about an hour if four players are present.

games artwork

Beautiful board game art was created by artist Edu Valls.

The game is not yet available but will launch via Kickstarter this fall.

More information can be found on the Redwood website.

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