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In 2009, Barbara Mullins presented the Australian Photographic Society (APS) with a bequest in memory of her husband, the late Doug Mullins, president of the Society from 1964 to 1966.

Seeking to secure the long-term future of its new Australian Conceptual Photography Award introduced in 2019, the Society approached the Mullins family with a proposal that would satisfy the intention of honoring Doug and Barbara’s significant contributions to APS. .

The now Mullins Conceptual Photography Prize is a $15,000 national acquisition prize that aims to find Australia’s best conceptual photographic works. Entries for the award must be a still work that has been substantially produced by photographic means, and it is open to analog and digital photography, collage and mixed media.

The award is presented by the Muswellbrook Regional Arts Center in partnership with the APS, with the winning work joining the Muswellbrook Shire Art Collection and a collection of contemporary photographic works acquired through the Muswellbrook Photographic Award (1987-2014).

Price :

Winning entry: $15,000

Place: Muswellbrook Regional Arts Centre, 1-3 Bridge Street, Muswellbrook NSW 2333

Contact: For more information call 02 6549 3800 or email [email protected]

For more information, visit Muswellbrook Regional Arts Center

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