More and more Kiwis are illegally using train tracks for dangerous shots

TrackSAFE in March is exposing a growing number of Kiwis who use train tracks as backdrops for photography, from members of the public to clothing brands and even musicians.

Megan Drayton, Head of the TrackSAFE NZ Foundation, says photography for creative campaigns on railways and at level crossings is a growing problem in New Zealand and TrackSAFE is frequently contacted about people using railways like backdrop for their photographs.

“Almost every week we are contacted about people using train tracks for their fashion brand launch, music video, wedding photos or media report,” Megan explains.

“While creatives may think the railway tracks provide the perfect backdrop, what they don’t realize is that trespassing on the rail corridor is the leading cause of rail fatalities in New Zealand and across the country. overseas,” says Megan.

In 2021, fashion brand Augustine deleted photos from its social media account of a model caught on train tracks after members of the public complained, acknowledging that the use of the track as a backdrop was illegal, irresponsible and did not set a good example.

New Zealand musician Stan Walker has also come under fire for shooting one of his latest music videos on railway tracks.

“With an increase in the use of smartphones and selfies over the past decade, capturing a runway photo is easier and more popular than ever, but we ask photographers, creatives or agencies not to take photos on train tracks. It’s illegal, it’s not safe and it’s not worth it.

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