London Photography Awards honor 2022 photographers and category winners of the year

2022 London Photography Awards Professional Photographer of the Year

2022 London Photography Awards Amateur Photographer of the Year

2022 London Photography Awards Amateur Photographer of the Year

The London Photography Awards 2022 have officially come to an end and the final winners are already announced to celebrate their big wins.

LONDON, UK, May 13, 2022 / — The London Photography Awards 2022 have officially come to an end and the final winners have already been announced to celebrate their big wins. The recognition and celebration of the alluring images brought to the universal stage, in addition to the phenomenal praise from exceptional photographers, is unquestionable, as they aspire to bring their personal visions of the world to life with shutters.

Since the start of the 2022 season, more than 50 countries have shown their interest and passion for the awards, in affiliation with states such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, the Netherlands, the Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Japan, Czech Republic. Republic, and many other esteemed countries. The prize acquired over 3,800 entries during the season itself, with only the brightest of them all being selected as winners.

London Photographers of the Year 2022
1. Witness of Hugh Peachey (Australia) (Professional)
2. Great Prayer by David Marciano (Italy) (Amateur/Student)

After undergoing the process of judging all of the distinguishable submissions, the top photographers were selected based on their extraordinary skills as well as their eye for capturing detail. With more ceremony, the London Photography Awards 2022 present the Professional Photographer of the Year: Witness by Hugh Peachey (Australia), with a cash prize of $3,000; while the amateur/student photographer of the year is: Great Prayer by David Marciano (Italy), with a cash prize of $2,000.

2022 Category Winners of the Year
With Photographer of the Year titles being as limited as they are, those who showcased daunting potential through their photographs also claimed the position of Category of the Year winners, separated into Professionals and Amateurs/Students who achieved outstanding performances in their respective categories. . Each winner receives cash prizes of $100 for each winning category:

Category of the Year Winners (Professional)
1. London Photography – Witness by Hugh Peachey (Australia)
2. Architectural Photography – Shadows by Glenn Goldman (USA)
3. Fine Art Photography – Ether by Dillon Richardson (USA)
4. Nature photography – Caribou migration by Jean-Simon Bégin (Canada)
5. People Photography – Boys and Goats by Gajan Tharmabalan (Canada)
6. Black and White Photography – Modern Monoliths by Emiliano Pinnizzotto (Italy)
7. Photography related to COVID-19 – 4th wave COVID 19 by Alexander Koerner (Germany)
8. Commercial Photography – Hutch Sofa by Sane Seven (UK)
9. Editorial Photography – Pray by Esteban Biba (Guatemala)
10. Special Category – An Office with a View by Christiaan van Heijst (Netherlands)

Category of the Year Winners (Amateur/Student)
1. London Photography – The Bridge by Luigi Greco (Italy)
2. Architectural Photography – GOTHAM by GB Smith (USA)
3. Fine Art Photography – Elina – 2 by Bodo Gebhardt (Germany)
4. Nature Photography – Far from the Storm by Nitin Michael (United Arab Emirates)
5. People Photography – Proud Woman of the Omo Valley by Yoni Blau (Israel)
6. Black & White Photography – DOROTHYS HOUSE by GB Smith (USA)
7. Editorial photography – Great Prayer by David Marciano (Italy)
8. Commercial Photography – Preiser Miniature Toy Figures by Leka Huie (Hong Kong SAR, China)
9. Special Category – Fragile Beauty of the Child Soul by Bernd Schirmer (Germany)

“I am extremely impressed to have feasted my eyes on all the entries that are truly captivating, seeing exponential growth in quality and meaning,” exclaimed Thomas Brandt, spokesperson for International Awards Associate (IAA ). “The whole world deserves to be amazed by the wondrous wonders depicted through the images, like a hidden story waiting for the right person to explore, which is incredibly fantastic.”

grand jury
Thanks to the constantly renewed creativity of the applications, the jury set about the task of discovering what each photographer has to say. They brought their dedication and high standards to the table, fully prepared for the creativity exhibited by the attendees. The panel is made up of people with a great contribution to the industry, namely Emanuel Kapp (USA), Kalina Schneider (USA), Patrizia Burra (Italy), José Martinez Silva (Portugal), Donell Gumiran (Emirates Arab States), Zhou Wen Jun (China) and other renowned members.

“At the London Photography Awards, we are able to present images that are alluring beyond imagination to the world, while continuing to progress to a heightened level of photography,” said Thomas. “There are so many possibilities among photographers, especially when immersed in their respective cultures and norms, which paves the way for the future of the awards to receive better entries as we approach the next season. ”

Please visit the official London Photography Awards website for the full list of winners.

Along with the London Photography Awards, its sister prize, the European Photography Awards are currently calling for entries, with plenty of room to embrace the photographic brilliance of universal photographers. Visit the awards via

About the London Photography Awards
The London Photography Awards welcome photographers of all skill levels, whether professional, agency, amateur or student. Under the direction of the IAA, the awards program incorporates mind-bending images, seeking photographers who can inspire their successors and peers and their works, in categories including London photography, fine art, l architecture, black and white, nature, people, advertising, editorial and others.

The London Photography Awards honor all photographers from different parts of the world, in connection with capturing precious instances that convey a unique point of view that refreshes the soul of the audience.

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