Lifestyle photography, effective sales training and more service news this month


Pearl Advertising

The Association of Cultured Pearls of America (CPAA) has released new lifestyle photographs and videos for its members to use on signage, blog posts, websites, postcards, and more, all carefully crafted to show off the beauty of the pearls worn in a modern and trendy context.

Train with Chris

Christophe Drawings launched an interactive online training program for sellers that provides cutting-edge information on today’s bridal sales and client theory – and offers an incentive commission for sales made upon successful completion of the training.

Best gold

Non-profit organisation Mercury-free mining (MFM) is coordinating scientific testing of the efficient and potentially safer GOLDROP gold separation process with Tarkwa University of Mines and Technology, Ghana. To learn more or support the company, visit the MFM website.

Mutual protection

Mutual Insurance Group of Jewelers recently formed an alliance with Hartford Steam Boiler to offer additional technology solutions to the commercial policyholders of Jewelers Mutual with the aim of preventing and / or reducing property damage and business interruption due to water and frozen pipes.

NAJA know-how

The National Association of Jewelery Appraisers (NAJA) has released an updated online course on Assessment Studies. Available to NAJA members and non-members, it offers a range of one-on-one lessons, interactive sessions and additional videos.


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