Juggling between computing and photography

Born and raised in Haryana, a cultural center of India, Ankit Bhatia completed his schooling in the state itself. Trained as an electronics engineer, Ankit moved to Pune in 2012 and after completing another course, found himself placed for a job with a large company. While working he realized he could afford a DSLR for himself and being an avid movie buff he thought this might be his way of bringing his Bollywood dreams to life. . He set himself the goal of organizing his cinematic videos and for this he started to travel, which soon resulted in his interest in travel photography.

In the words of Ankit, “My first trip was to Ladakh and when I came back I started editing the video and uploaded it to YouTube. I know it wasn’t my best work, but I was overwhelmed with everything I did and passed it on to everyone I knew on the planet. After this experience, Ankit completely turned to videography and in 2016, he learned several video editing software. He worked in his office all afternoon and then spent his evenings editing video. He even approached several people for overly gratuitous shoots just to find out how it would work in different situations and with people of different mindsets.

In 2017, Ankit upgraded its camera and purchased the most suitable one for videography. After becoming convinced that he was well versed in shooting videos, Ankit’s next destination was making travel movies. Ankit later planned to launch a travel vlogging series, with himself being a big part of the screen recording. While recording and editing these travel vlogs, Ankit also engaged in video editing lessons for others to gain more confidence and enhance his personality. In no time, her series of cinematic travel vlogs started gaining momentum among people and her followers started increasing.

In 2018, a major achievement knocked on Ankit’s door as he was also chosen by YouTube as one of the few for their Next Up contest. Following this in 2019, Ankit not only gained 100,000 subscribers but also decided to follow his dream and for this he decided to quit his job. However, before he could immerse himself in the field of videography, he had to convince his parents that he got into it right away. His parents, skeptical of his dreams, wouldn’t allow him to quit his job and, to respect their decision, he continued to work in a company, shoot vlogs and do collaborations that earned him more than $100,000. monetary benefits than his full-time job.

December 2020 however marked the culmination moment of Ankit’s work as he was invited by Dubai Tourism to film Dubai and being the first Indian filmmaker to be invited there, Ankit felt his worth. On his last day in Dubai, he had the realization that brought the biggest change for him. As he plunged into the sky, he felt the breeze caress his face and he felt that it was this emotion he wanted to experience with greater intensity. Influenced by this, he tendered his resignation and felt that after 2 months on his birthday, he could pursue his dreams without any obstacles.

Since February 19, 2021, Ankit has been traveling the world and shooting videos for his vlog as well as for different companies. Currently traveling with Africa, Ankit aims to travel the world and film the extravagant and vibrant cultures of different regions. Being a nature companion, Ankit’s dream destination to shoot is Iceland. Ankit’s long-term plan is to open his own production house and also teach younger generations all the skills he has learned and will learn over the next few years. Ankit also launched two online courses and a few online products last year and will launch more soon to facilitate the art of filmmaking and cinematography among aspiring filmmakers.

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