Interview with LA-based cinematographer Laisa M. Santos

How did you get into the business and start working as a cinematographer?

Ever since I was a kid, I loved watching movies and always wondered how they were made and how cool it must be to shoot them. My parents were a big influence on this because they shared this passion for cinema, so they kept my curiosity alive as I grew up. Also, I enjoyed taking pictures not only of my family and friends, but also of landscapes and subjects that might be of interest to me.

I was making home videos with my friends and creating scripts for music videos, movies and even commercials. I was a very creative kid and I was lucky that everyone around me supported my ideas.

Years later, I went to college and everything became more professional and actually a vision of what my future could be. I first started working on short films, did a few more workshops and never stopped. Now this is my life.

What is your creative process when you tell a story?

It really depends. It’s a different process for each project and it also varies depending on how much creative freedom I will have. I generally have a sensitive approach towards the characters and the subjects addressed in the film, so I can say that is my starting point.

From this understanding, I listen to the ideas and concerns of the director, also giving my input without forgetting what he expects from the whole project. A lookbook is usually my best friend throughout the creation process and I will be creating different ones until we have a locked down and final version.

Interview with LA-based cinematographer Laisa M. SantosWe would like to know more about your work and what you are currently focusing on.

I actually graduated with honors from the cinematography program at UCLA Extension last year and since then have worked with some amazing directors and crew members.

I’m also currently discussing the color correction process with director Glenn Kimball, for a short film we made last December called The Studio Assistant.

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Interview with LA-based cinematographer Laisa M. Santos

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