Highland Cinema launches 2022 ‘Red Roofs Of Scotland’ photography competition

Highland Cinema, Fort William is launching an international photography competition today, in honor of traditional Scottish buildings with red roofs. Scotland has a fantastic range of beautiful red-roofed buildings, from croft houses in the Highlands to barn roofs in Shetlands and buildings in the townscapes of the central belt. This red roof tradition was incorporated into the iconic design of the Highland Cinema when it was designed by local entrepreneur and owner, Angus MacDonald. Highland Cinema is a new independent cinema and state-of-the-art cafe bar, with a striking red roof and locally sourced stone facade that perfectly complements its historic surroundings in the heart of Fort William, Lochaber.

Since opening in September 2020, the Highland Cinema has been recognized in Time Out’s ’50 Best Cinemas’ in the UK and is a must-see destination in Fort William. The ‘Red Roofs of Scotland’ photography competition will mark the second anniversary of its opening, and Highland Cinema is now inviting amateur photographers to submit photographs featuring beautiful, quirky, rustic and interesting red-roofed buildings located in any part of Scotland. Entry is open to amateur photographers of all ages, using any camera. Images can be of any building in Scotland with a predominantly red roof (including Highland Cinema), taken within the last three years. The submission deadline is August 28, 2022, giving entrants six months to find and photograph their favorite red-roofed building in a multitude of weather conditions. The winners will be announced on September 29, 2022.

The competition has a first, second and third prize, and all works shortlisted for display will receive £100. The top twenty will be printed, duly credited and displayed prominently inside the Highland Cinema, Fort William. The first prize is £500, sponsored by the Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh; Second prize is £300, sponsored by Highland Cinema, and third prize is £200, sponsored by Respiole Studios. Winners may also have a chance to have prints of their work displayed and sold nationally.

Meet the Judges

Iain Ferguson

Iain Ferguson is an award-winning professional photographer with over 40 years of experience covering every type of event and landscape imaginable. Based in Fort William, Iain worked extensively in the press before going into freelance work. He takes pictures for national magazines, newspapers, weddings and even pictures for big budget film productions.

Andre Sinclair

Andrew Sinclair is a famous Scottish oil painter and gallerist based in the Scottish West Highlands. Founder of Resipole Studios and Fine Art Gallery, a multi-faceted art space showcasing the best in contemporary art, Andrew is a passionate advocate for the social and economic value of artistic provision, particularly in remote communities. He devotes significant time and resources to supporting opportunities for young artists and has been a director of Room 13 International since 2013.

Christine Jansen

Christina Jansen is Managing Director of the Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh. She has over 25 years experience as a curator, editor and producer, and is an expert in Scottish, contemporary and applied 20th century arts. The Scottish Gallery is the oldest independent art gallery in the country, celebrating its 180th anniversary in 2022.

Rob Fairley

Rob Fairley is a highly respected visual artist, educator, mountaineer and crofter whose artistic career spans over 50 years. Based in Lochaber, his work is all about the land, and the landscape, geology, stories, songs and myths it encompasses. Rob was instrumental in founding Room 13 International, which facilitates young artists to work alongside artists in residence, promoting entrepreneurship and creativity by providing an in-studio forum where people of all ages can connect ideas, skills and experiences.

Angus MacDonald

Angus is a renowned Lochaber entrepreneur, businessman and philanthropist. Highland Cinema was conceived and funded entirely by him, after reading an article that said the best way to renew a high street was to start an independent bookstore and an independent cinema (he has now done both). Angus remains involved in the day-to-day running of the cinema and is also a bestselling author of Scottish novels.

Contest details:

Submit your entry

A maximum of three photographs may be submitted per photographer, and the photographer must

hold the copyrights of each. The first three received will be considered entries, and no changes

changes will be accepted once the image is submitted. Closing date for entries is midnight.

August 28, 2022. Late, incomplete or corrupt entries will not be accepted.

Applications should be submitted by email with the following information:

1. Your name and a valid email address.

2. The location where the photo was taken (all photos entered must have been taken

in Scotland).

3. The title of the photo and a few words telling us the story behind your image.

4. The name you are happy to be made public if you are chosen as a winner.

5. Photo file – no more than 1.5MB each for initial entry.

Email applications to: [email protected] by midnight on 28 August 2022.

Share your entry

All contest participants are encouraged to share their entries and results on social media

media, using the hashtags #redroofscotland and #highlandcinema.

Registration deadline

August 28, 2022

There is no entry fee for this contest. Terms and conditions apply and must be read and accepted

to participate.

All the details of the competition and the terms and conditions of participation are available on


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