Here are the most rented equipment of Lens Rentals in 2021


It’s that time of year again and no, I’m not talking about that weird week between Christmas and New Years where you’re not quite sure what day. No, that’s when the company Lens Rentals publishes its data whose materials and equipment were the most rented in the past year! OK, so I might be a little cheeky here, but actually it’s very useful and interesting information with a few surprises here and there. is one of the largest camera and video equipment rental companies in the world, and frankly I’m pretty jealous that we don’t have anything like this in the part of the world I live in. So without further ado, let’s unpack the info!

First, let’s take a look at the top rented photo and video gear in 2021:

  1. Canon EOS R5
  2. Canon 5D Mark IV
  3. Canon 24-70mm f / 2.8L II
  4. Canon EOS R6
  5. Sony Alpha a7S III

Compared to the previous year, the most obvious difference is that the Canon R5 swept away everything else by taking the top spot. Not really surprising, as it was one of Canon’s more expensive new mirrorless cameras, which was pretty hard to get hold of for a while. Trying before you buy such expensive gear is often a good idea, and according to Lensrentals the R5 is “used en masse”.

The other interesting difference from this year’s list is that aside from the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K (EF) at number 13 on the list, the top 20 rentals were all Canon and Sony. I don’t know what that says for Nikon. This could be because it is much more common to rent equipment for shooting videos than for still photographs, and Canon and Sony have traditionally been leaders in this field. Something to ponder perhaps.

This is confirmed when you look at the percentage of market share of each brand, it is also evident that Canon and Sony have a head start, sharing around 60% of all rental and rental of lenses. Now that makes sense when you consider that the EF mount is still basically an industry standard for video productions with brands like RED and ARRI making cameras with EF mount camera systems.

According to Lens Rentals, Canon RF mount systems have seen quite a bit of growth, as have Sony E mount systems. “This is no big surprise, with the Canon R5 increasingly available and the release by Sony. of the A1 and other systems, ”they explain. “Other points to note are that the Nikon Z series just doesn’t gain the same momentum as Canon with its mirrorless platform. ” Interesting. Still, I know a few die-hard Nikon users so I wouldn’t read too much about it, it doesn’t actually mean Canon and Sony are better.

Another interesting point with lens mounts is that you may start to see a shift to RF mounts on Canon away from EF mounts, signaling an increase in the use of mirrorless systems. Again, this makes sense. If you’ve just bought a new mirrorless camera, you’re probably a little shy about RF mount lenses and might want to rent to try them out before you buy.

When it comes to the top-rented products currently for 2021, the list is a bit different and is largely dominated by video cameras.

  1. Canon EOS C70 Cinema Camera (RF)
  2. Sony FX3 Full Frame Cinema Camera
  3. Sony alpha a1
  4. Sony FX6 Full Frame Cinema Camera
  5. Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro (EF)

the Red Komodo 6K Digital Cinema Camera Production Kit slips into number 6, followed by Nikon Z 7II. Nikon therefore ranks in the top 10 of its new equipment rentals. Again, it makes a lot of sense that the more expensive and hard-to-obtain equipment is rented rather than bought.

For the full list of information, go to Rental Lens website. What do you think about this? Is this information useful and will it affect equipment you might consider trying or purchasing in the future?


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