Full: BTS’s RM shows off his photography skills in new “Film rkive” for upcoming photo folio

August 29, MR of BTS uploaded some panoramic photographs under “Me, myself and RM rkive FILM” for the upcoming “Entirety” photo folio. With his nature-loving personality, he took pictures of landscapes, trees, beautiful skies and the desert! The last member to post teasers for the photo folio was Jungkook, and we’re looking forward to the rest of the members’ photobook.



Previously on August 24, RM has released a teaser video for ‘Special 8 Photo-Folio’ on his social media account. The video contains various aspects of RM, from the appreciation of the work to the photo shoot. Along with the teaser video, photos and voice kits that preview the concept of the photoshoot have also been released.




RM was directly involved in all pictorial work, from planning to concept, costume and props. The pictorial title is ‘Entirety‘. This means that it contains all RM. BIGHIT MUSIC, the agency, said, “Through the photo shoot, we expressed the angst between Kim Namjoon and RM, as well as between a young man and an artist. From a casual appearance to a charismatic figure, we plan to reveal various aspects. The ‘Special Eight Photo – Folio’ project is a new project launched by BTS.



It is characterized by the direct participation of all members. A total of 8 types including individual images with each member’s charm and team group images will be released. Jungkook, the launcher of this project, has his own concept of ‘Vampire’ stylishly reinterpreted came out and caught the attention of fans. Meanwhile, RM’s photo shoot will be released on September 5.

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