Flickr introduces virtual photography category for video game screenshots

Flickr now introduces a new category “Virtual Photography” for those who take images in video games to express their art. The platform currently offers three separate categories: photography, illustration, and screenshots, but Flickr says it doesn’t seem like video game blueprints fit particularly well into the latter category, so it’s decided to open a new segment for this type of content.

“By putting your work in one of these categories, you can use filters to narrow your search results by interest,” the platform explained in a blog post. “For example, virtual photographers will be able to filter by “virtual photography” while searching the entire site if they only want to see that type of work, while avoiding real-world photography or other fine art. and illustrations.”

This move probably comes as no surprise to those who have been attached to the gaming industry for the past few years. More and more games now come with photography modes, and different consoles allow players to share those screenshots on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. Flickr’s new category will make the image hosting service more competitive within a rapidly growing industry.

In other tech-related news, Comcast will introduce 2 Gbps Internet in the United States

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