Film photography with a camera drone

If there are two things we love here at PopPhoto It’s all about drones and film photography, so it’s no surprise we were thrilled to see someone grab a drone, strap on a 35mm camera, and take some great aerial footage.

The set up

Jason De Freitas, an Australian aeronautical engineer and self-proclaimed “mad science photographer”, posted a video on YouTube showing how he pulled it off.

He made a custom 3D printed mount and used it to attach an Olympus MJU-i (a really good little compact film) to a long range iFlight Chimera7 FPV drone. The drone is designed to carry large batteries and a GoPro for longer flight times, so it was apparently able to handle the extra weight of the MJU-i with ease.

For the aerial photos, De Freitas photographed Provia 100F. Of course, he couldn’t exactly press the shutter button himself, so he used a radio-controlled micro-server built into the camera mount to control things from the ground.

It should be noted that as an FPV drone, De Freitas was able to get a real-time view (through a pair of FPV goggles) so he could frame his shots.

What do the photos look like?

On his website, De Freitas explains that “there is an uncharted territory between earth and sky that cinema has never had the opportunity to explore. This is the sky below 400 feet. This gives the images a pretty unique look and perspective.

De Freitas photographed this series of aerial landscapes at sunset on the coast of New South Wales in Australia. The moderate saturation and contrast of Provia 100F slide film works brilliantly against the soft golden light of the setting sun.

Be sure to watch the full slideshow in the YouTube video to see all the results.

Support the work of De Freitas

If you like any of De Freitas’ aerial landscapes, they are available as prints on his website. You can also follow him on Instagram and YouTube to see more of his wild experiences like shooting a lunar eclipse sequence or a Milky Way time-lapse on 35mm film and entirely in camera.

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