Festival – Contact Boards 2022

From October 22, 2022 to January 1, 2023, Deauville will host the thirteenth edition of Planches Contact, the photography festival directed by Laura Serani in its Franciscan building.

“Do you remember this photo of Cartier-Bresson taken in May 1968? We see a middle-aged man, elegant, dark suit, hat screwed on his head, observing a graffiti of the student revolt: “Enjoy without incident”. This could be the motto of Planches Contact. This photo which confronts two opposing worlds, which challenges, which is anchored in the city, echoes the spirit of the festival and the privileged and rather rare conditions of production and presentation, made possible by the unfailing support of the City of Deauville. These conditions are all the more important for artists in the current context where, against all odds, the Deauville Festival remains a kind of protected island where you can walk around and perform in complete freedom.

The preparation of Planches Contact is a long “virgin river”, a bubbling, an uninterrupted loop from one edition to another, between the development of the program, the succession of residencies, the “live” production with the artists, the design of the scenography and construction of the installations, up to sharing with the public. As every year, an important selection criterion is the variety of views and the multiplicity of photographic languages ​​and subjects treated.

Documentary approaches, imaginary or poetic stories, fixed or animated images, offbeat approaches, all have their place. Artists just have to take advantage of the territory and this support for creation, that is to say, take the time to explore it by following their centers of interest; then to give free rein to their creativity by developing their project according to their own codes, without limits.

Breaking free from barriers also means breaking down borders. Breaking the boundaries between cultures with an international program ranging from Italian Stefano de Luigi to Senegalese Omar Victor Diop and Franco-Moroccan Carolle Benitah. Breaking the boundaries between generations with major figures such as Bettina Rheims or Raymond Depardon, and emerging photographers selected as part of the Tremplin Jeunes Talents.

Breaking down the boundaries between disciplines. Alongside photography, video, but also architecture, drawing, music and publishing have their place at the festival. The presence of actress Jessica Lange, guest of honor, also creates a bridge with American cinema, dear to the heart of Deauville.

To finally break the boundaries between the visible and the invisible. Since its invention, photography has made it possible to show everything, distant countries, unknown lands, the most remote tribes. So why not try to show the invisible or to change the point of view as Francesco Jodice does with his film 44 things seen by an extraterrestrial anthropologist in Normandy or to disturb the relationship to space by creating optical illusions like Georges Rousse does?

Also break the codes with unexpected images of Depardon of the French coast in color, guest of honor better known as an actress than a photographer, amateur photos from The Anonymous Project collection and innovative scenographies designed with Jean-Charles Remicourt-Marie. At the beach, on the glass roof of the Olympic swimming pool, throughout the city, at the Franciscaines or at the Point de Vue, this exhortation to unhindered pleasure is also aimed at visitors. In a world bombarded with images, take the time to really see by abandoning your prejudices and your habits. Remain open to all surprises and the emergence of the unusual. Look at reality differently, with and thanks to the artists. Get involved with them with the photo4food foundation for a concrete social impact.

Being caught up in photographs and films that tell stories, in which Normandy is the protagonist or the setting, that upset a “formatted vision”, that open a window onto other waves and offer a pause for reflection on our societies .

Laura Serani


Jessica Lange, a first in France
The coastline in color by Raymond Depardon
The Chapel of Bettina Rheims with the collaboration of Marie-Noëlle Perriau
George Rousse. wanderings
The Anonymous Project. out in

Residential homes

  • Jean-Christian Bourcart. Blow up Normandy – Fragments of a Random Timeline
  • Stefano DeLuigi. Zero
  • Omar Victor Diop. Odysseia
  • Carolle Benitah. The Happiness Curve
  • Francesco Jodice. 44 things seen by an extraterrestrial anthropologist in Normandy
  • Jean-Christophe Bechet. A fiction of reality
  • Stanislas Augris. The bite (in partnership with Photo4food)
  • Anne-Charlotte Moulard. Léon shaved César at Christmas (in partnership with Photo4food)
  • Diana Him. Joan’s swords. Maps of the contemporaries of Joan of Arc (in partnership with Photo4food)
  • Anne-Laure Maison and Michel Cam. Human soul in Deauville (in partnership with Photo4food)

The Tremplins young talents residence

  • Ciro Battiloro. The little soufflé
  • Dana Cojbuc. open the shore
  • Emile Garçon and Lise Guillon. Of love and Deauville
  • Henri Kisielewski. nonfiction
  • Bruno Labarbere. Calva-Perche


Opening of the exhibitions on Saturday October 22, 10:30 a.m.

Guided tour of the exhibitions by Laura Serani on Saturday October 22, 6:30 p.m.

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