Durham Miners Gala – ‘Consett in Focus’ Documentary Photography Group – August 2022 – Consett Magazine

The Durham Miners Gala has returned after a hiatus due to the Covid pandemic. The organizers were hoping for a big comeback, and they certainly weren’t disappointed. More than 200,000 people took to the streets of Durham on Saturday, including many from the Consett area accompanied by more than 60 miners’ banners and more than 50 marching bands – the most in decades.

Consett In Focus had the pleasure of accompanying the Busty Morrison from the start at the Annfield Plain Community Centre, seeing the Blessing of the Banner, before starting a walking tour of the area with the Silver Band playing and entertaining the crowd. Then it went by bus to Durham for the “Big Meeting”.

The march route started in the Market Square, along Sadler Street, crossing the Elvet Bridge, stopping outside the County Hall to entertain the ‘key worker balcony’ before continuing and ending on the racetrack.

After a well-deserved rest, some refreshments and a tour of the show grounds, it was the journey back to the market square and onto the Annfield plain.

Photographs by Chris Bruce and George Ledger

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