Artistic Photography Portraits Celebrate the Beauty of Black Hair with Gold

Photography-based artist Fawn chatmon celebrates the beauty of dark hair through her scintillating series titled Redemption. The portrait collection features young people wearing their hair in an array of styles – no two are alike. But in this variety, the same visual thread is woven into every media room. Chatmon paints in the photos to adorn the children with dazzling 24k gold accessories and outfits.

Each golden accent evokes the feeling of a Gustav Klimt painting, in which brilliant yellow tones are punctuated with tiny blue, red and purple shapes. This tribute to the Austrian painter’s work is intentional, and Chatmon hopes viewers will instantly make the connection. “Visually, Klimt’s use of gold and decorative elements elicited strong feelings of grace, magnificence and beauty in me when I first discovered his work and has remained in my subconscious ever since.” she explains in a press release on the series. “Likewise, these are the emotions that I try to evoke in the spectator of Redemption. “

Attitudes towards a Klimt painting are often very different from opinions expressed about black hair types and styles. “Although we proudly celebrate and decorate these styles with beads, barrettes and other accessories that conform to our cultural norms, they continue to be labeled as unacceptable,” Chatmon writes. “In schools around the world, there are rules in place to consider cornrows, barber designs, hair beads, afros, locs, and protective styles that use hair extensions as’ violations. of the dress code ”. “Violations” punishable by ridicule, suspension, exclusion from extracurricular activities and expulsion. ” Redemption does not seek validation of dark hair, culture and tradition, but rather affirms it through these magnificent works of art.

Tawny Chatmon creates artistic photographs that celebrate the beauty of dark hair in a style close to a painting by Gustav Klimt.

Art photography by Tawny ChatmonArtistic photography by Tawny Chatmon

Each portrait is adorned with gold accents.

vArt photography by Tawny ChatmonArtistic photography by Tawny ChatmonArt photography by Tawny ChatmonArtistic photography by Tawny ChatmonArtistic photography by Tawny ChatmonArtistic photography by Tawny ChatmonArtistic portraits by Tawny ChatmonArtistic portraits by Tawny ChatmonArtistic photography by Tawny ChatmonFawn Chatmon: Website | Instagram

My Modern Met has granted permission to present photos of Tawny Chatmon.

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