Al Dixon Photography wins Creative Excellence Award

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Al Dixon knows how to get creative with a camera.

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The photographer’s Stony Plain-based business, Al Dixon Photography, was recently named the recipient of the fourth annual Creative Excellence Award at the Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce’s 2021 Business Awards of Distinction, held on January 27, 2022.

“Honestly, I was quite surprised. (Photography) is not something I’ve ever done for awards. Being recognized for my work was humbling. It made me realize that there are people watching and enjoying what I stream,” Dixon said.

Each year, a local artist, business or organization is recognized for their contribution to social and cultural cohesion, community identity, creative economic sustainability and local tourism. Eligible nominees for this distinguished award may be individuals, organizations, nonprofits, and businesses that contribute to the growth of culture and tourism in Stony Plain. Nominations are open to the public and the winner is selected by the City’s Cultural Roundtable.

“Al’s work has been an inspiration to poets and artists in our community. His photography is truly a celebration of the Stony Plain and pays homage to a rural way of life that is too often overlooked or completely forgotten. We are honored to have her within our creative community and hope this award will recognize her outstanding contributions to Stony Plain,” said Chantelle Laberge, the town’s cultural and tourism development officer.

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Primarily a self-taught digital artist, Dixon’s work captures local rural environments and the region’s rich cultural heritage. Growing up on her grandparents’ farm, her lifelong passion for the natural world and the raw beauty of rural environments permeates her work. He said the Tri-Region, in particular, provides an excellent playground for his photography.

His work serves as a celebration of Stony Plain’s cultural heritage. Through collaborations with several local cultural and arts organizations, Dixon has used photography to elevate the artistic endeavors of the community and honor the city’s roots.

“Stony Plain’s history and cultural heritage are integral to our identity as a community. Al celebrates our identity with his work and further carries the story of our community beyond our borders. I congratulate him on his incredible accomplishments and thank him for sharing the beauty of Stony Plain with the world,” said Mayor William Choy.

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