Agenda – Masterclass – Reportage and documentary photography with Chloé Sharrock, Myop agency

This master class led by photographer reporter Chloe Sharrock, member of the Myop agency, is spread over 5 months from 09/24/2022 to 01/29/2023. You will learn the different steps necessary to produce a photographic report.

At the end of the master class, each student will have completed a project and will be able to carry out future projects independently. You will learn how to conceptualize, produce, edit and broadcast a photojournalistic or documentary report based on the experience of Chloe Sharrock. You will learn how to conceptualize, produce, edit and broadcast a photojournalistic or documentary report based on the experience of Chloe Sharrock, as well as how to design a project and edit it in a participatory and collective way. You will learn how to conceptualize and frame a story idea in order to develop it effectively and concisely in the field. You will learn to choose and order your images in series in order to create meaning and rhythm while delivering information related to your subject. In addition, the reportage and documentary photography market is discussed: what economic model, what sources of funding and what distribution channels?

Remote sessions with Zoom take place between each class module during which Chloé Sharrock will accompany you individually in the realization of your project. The master class ends as a group with the finalization of each participant’s project from paper prints to produce a series of edited and captioned images.

This photo master class is spread over 5 months from 24/09/2022 to 29/01/2023 with three weekends in Paris with your teacher, four Zoom sessions of 30 to 40 minutes each and the time spent doing your work photography independently.


First weekend – September 24-25, 2022

1. Saturday afternoon – Presentation of the master class. Presentation of the work of Chloe Sharrock. Each student will introduce themselves and present the project they wish to develop.
2. Sunday morning – Continuation of the presentation of each project. Panorama of the work of a photojournalist: basic rules (journalistic ethics; difference with documentary photography…). How to conceptualize your project before carrying it out and making it a reality?
3. Sunday afternoon: Review time for the work that each student will have to do.

Second weekend – November 26-27, 2022

1. Saturday afternoon – Update on the progress of each student’s project.
2. Sunday morning and afternoon – Editing: how to create rhythm and meaning in a series of images? Which editing for which broadcast channel? Example with Chloe Sharrock’s reports: One subject, several montages (documentary editing / journalistic editing / exhibition editing, etc.)

Third weekend – January 28-29, 2023

1. Saturday afternoon – Update on the progress of everyone’s projects.
2. Sunday morning – What are the sources of funding and what are the different distribution channels? How do you bring your photographic project to life afterwards?
3. Sunday afternoon – Final assembly with hard copies for all participants. Finalization of montages and presentation texts.

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