7 simple tips for clicking lifestyle photography


The photographs preserve the memories of our life. Rethinking photos of family trips, receptions, weddings and birthday parties makes us happy and nostalgic. Ralph Hattersley, an American photographic educator said “We take photographs to understand what our lives mean to us”. The photographs show us the rich reality of our life. That is why lifestyle photography is becoming the most fashionable style of photography which gives us the “slice of life”.

Lifestyle photography is a kind of photography that creatively captures the real situation of the subject. The goal behind this style of photography is to capture the authentic emotions of the subject. When taking a photo of someone’s life, remember that it should be visually appealing and represent a meaning of life. Clicking on the lifestyle photograph is not rocket science, anyone can capture it. Here are some simple tips on lifestyle photography: –

  1. Make a comfortable environment

Most people feel embarrassed and shy when they are in front of the camera, as a photographer you have to make them feel relaxed by your presence. Break the ice between you and the client by starting conversations like what they do, what excites them, etc. Stick to the lighter topics and you’re good to go.

Talking about the type of image you want can help clients feel much more comfortable in front of the camera.

Working with children can be difficult because they are energetic and cranky. Filming can become completely useless if the children have started to cry, feel hungry, or get sleepy. It depends on how you make the photoshoot more fun and enjoyable for them and stick to their daily routine like naps or meals.

  1. Click on the candid images

The best photographs of the same subject can be candid. A franc means an image clicked on without the subject’s knowledge. If you don’t know how to click candid pictures, give your client any activity that can keep them engaged and here you have a perfect array of candid photos for you.

  1. Click from different angles

Clicking on images with just a right angle may seem trivial to customers and even to you. Not all photos should be taken in a mid shot as this is not a portrait photograph. Get creative and click from different angles like close-ups, mid-riffs, wide angles, top angles because you never know a perfect picture is just around the corner.

For example: clicking on the image of a baby playing with toys at a high angle will create a spectacular image with a sense of life.

  1. Give directions as needed

When the subject doesn’t know what to pose and how to pose, as a photographer you need to give them some direction and tell them what to do instead of how to do it. You can even give common ideas on the picture, such as the family wearing matching outfits or having fun. You can always change it if the previous pose doesn’t work.

  1. Keep special attention to the smallest details

Lifestyle photography and portrait photography are diverse from each other. In lifestyle photography details are very important, without them the whole photograph looks imperfect.

To capture the detail you need to zoom the camera lens on a particular object which can also be a close-up, it can be anything like a sleeping baby or a cat looking out the window. Looking at the details beyond the obvious clichés can create a beautiful and appealing image.

  1. Never lower your camera

You’ve probably heard somewhere that “Every moment is a precious, unique and incredible gift of life ”. When it comes to lifestyle photography never keep your camera down even for 1 minute because you might miss some amazing moments to capture.

Beautiful images are always clicked in the less expected situations and asking the subject to rest makes it look unnatural. Constantly shooting can change your perspective and you can capture something unexpected.

  1. Use the right equipment and the right camera setting

You are probably filming in several locations or in different areas of the house. You can get different lighting scenarios. For this you will probably need a 24-70mm wide or zoom lens. using a 35mm lens for perfect and wide shots.

It is best to bring lighting equipment for lifestyle photography using TTL flashes to control the light in the dimly lit room and the use of light modifiers can allow the light to refocus.

The camera setting also plays an important role in the click on lifestyle photography. As you know, there are three important apertures, shutter speed and ISO. Keep your shutter speed from 1/125 to 1/200, if your subject is running or playing sports, you can use a faster shutter speed. The aperture depends on the type of lens you are using, for a wide image keep it between f8 and f11. It is best to use the lowest ISO setting on your camera.


Lifestyle photography is about telling a story through photographs. In this style of photography always expect the unexpected because you never know when the perfect shot is going to arrive. Practicing lifestyle photography helps you learn the best camera settings and who knows, you may even develop an eye for photography.

Get outside and start taking lifestyle photos!


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