7 shots from the Sony World Photography Awards that will make you want to explore

After two years indoors, staring at screens and dreaming of days when we could travel again, it’s exciting to see the world open up again – and photographers give us all the inspiration we need. need.

This year’s Sony World Photography Awards captured spectacular moments from around the world. The winners have just been announced – you can read more about the full lists and successful entries at worldphoto.org – and there’s no shortage of ideas to help you sort out your next travel or adventure destination, whether it’s America. South, Southeast Asia or elsewhere.

Here are seven snaps from this year’s Sony World Photography Awards that will have you reaching for your passport and checking flights…

PA Photo/Giancomo d’Orlando/Sony.

Reminiscent of the ancient city of Atlantis, Giacomo d’Orlando captured the beauty and mystery of these underwater greenhouses with an enduring mission. Not far from Genoa, this photo of the Italian coast is both inspiring and relaxing.

PA Photo/Domagoj Burilović/Sony.

Although the title is the German word for village, this solitary dwelling is actually in the Slavonia region of Croatia. The house may seem lonely and moody but – part of a series of montages by Domagoj Burilović – it gives a glimpse into a rarely seen rural part of Europe.

PA Photo/Etienne Souchon/Sony.

Color is not necessary to bring the bustling streets of Havana to life. Threatening and turbulent, this street shot captures everything you’d expect from Cuba: mystery and adventure. Oh, and a drop of rum.

Captured in Hanoi by Nguyen Phuc Thanh, the cyclist travels along the Ceramic Route, which set a Guinness World Record in 2010 for being the longest ceramic mosaic in the world. Vietnam’s capital is packed with great places to eat and explore, and sits proudly on the Red River Delta.

PA Photo/Isabela Eseverri/Sony.

Believe it or not, this photo was taken with an iPhone. With macaws scattered far and wide, it shows that travelers don’t necessarily need to lug a huge camera around the world to capture great images – and Venezuela is a great off-the-beaten-track place to explore.Souk Al Seef, Dubai

PA Photo/Ashok Gidwani/Sony.

Taken by Ashok Gidwani, this photo is a far cry from the Dubai we see so often on social media – chic skyscrapers, swimming pools and luxury boutiques. Instead, it’s a glimpse into the beauty of this rustic souk, in a city where old meets new.

Lake Braies in the Dolomites

PA Photo/Francois Philippe/Sony.

It’s hard to look at this photo and not imagine yourself floating down a river, book in hand, glass of Italian wine in front of you. Cold, surrounded by mountains and in complete tranquility, François Philippe managed to bottle the calm and put it in a single photo.

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