43rd Annual Humanist Photography Fellowship Finalists

The W. Eugene Smith Memorial Fund announced the list of finalists for the 43rd edition W. Eugene Smith Fellowship for Humanistic Photography. The finalists were also named during the 5th edition Smith Fund Student Class and 26th edition Howard Chapnick Grant, which is awarded to encourage leadership in all fields related to photojournalism, such as image editing, research, education and management. The Smith Fund also announced that it would return to its longstanding tradition of awarding an individual photographer a $40,000 grant.

The Phillip and Edith Leonian Foundation, a longtime supporter of the Eugene Smith Fund, has extended its contribution to the Fund, allowing its research fellowship to increase from $5,000 to $10,000 and its two finalist awards from $2,500 $ to $5,000, starting this year. “We are beyond grateful to The Leonian Foundation, and this year’s Scholars and Finalists will immediately benefit from the expanded support and contribution of the Phillip and Edith Leonian Foundation,” said Scott Thode, Chairman of the W. Eugene Smith Memorial Fund. .

Since the Smith Fund’s inception in 1979, it has awarded more than $1.3 million to photographers whose previous work and proposed projects fall within the tradition of W. Eugene Smith’s career as a photographic essayist. Despite economic headwinds and ongoing challenges surrounding the pandemic, Smith Fund grants received several hundred applications from 72 countries this year, with the Student Grant and Chapnick Fellowship each receiving the highest number of applications. Grant recipients will be announced in October, but the Smith Fund board has confirmed that a formal in-person awards presentation is not planned for this year.

“The quality of entries for all three grants seems to improve every year and this year was certainly no exception,” said Scott Thode. “I know the judges had some very difficult decisions to make and I want to thank them for their time, expertise and passion. I hope they enjoyed the process.

Here is a list of finalists for the W. Eugene Smith, Howard Chapnick, and Smith Fund Scholarships 2022.

2022 W. Eugene Smith Memorial Grant Finalists
Mary F. Calvert: “Left Behind: Military Sexual Assault and Suicide” (USA)
Matthieu Chazal: “The Ghosts of Ararat” (France)
Maxim Dondyuk: “Ukraine 2014/22” (Ukraine)
Russell Frederick: “A Love Letter to Bed Stuy” (USA)
Earlie Hudnall: “Metamorphosis: Photographing a Community in Change” (USA)
Amit Madheshiya: “Untitled” (India)
Ta Mwe: “Uprising in Myanmar” (Myanmar/Burma)
Murat Yazar: “The shadows of Kurdistan. A photographic search for a cultural identity” (Eastern Turkey, living in Italy)

“It has been an immense privilege and responsibility to review several hundred nominations submitted for the W. Eugene Smith Memorial Fund grant and to discuss the many timely and worthy projects with my fellow jurors Eli Reed and Naveen Kishore,” Michelle shared. Dunn Marsh, Chair of this Smith Grant of the Year Jury Panel and member of the Smith Fund Board of Directors. “In fact, the quality of the entries was so good that the judges had to review the entries again and again to ultimately reach a consensus on which projects would be considered finalists.”

“It is a great honor for us to be named a finalist for the W. Eugene Smith Fund Memorial Grant,” said Amit Madheshiya who, along with collaborator Shirley Abraham. “With this honor comes an enormous responsibility to pursue photography that resonates with the humanist tradition. This support would allow us to create the work that sheds light, where injustices have thrived in darkness,” he said. -he adds.

2022 Howard Chapnick Fellowship Finalists
Seydou Camara: “Educational project for visual and civic culture in Bamako” (Mali)
Ala Kheir: “Sudan Education and Collaboration Project” (Sudan)
Jessica Lim: “Angkor Photo Festival and Workshops” (Cambodia)
Raphaela Rosella: “Auto-ethnographic project with communities of incarceration” (Australia)

“As jurors, we wanted to view the Howard Chapnick Grant not just as a grant for large proposals, but to assess how those proposals reflect career commitments,” said John Fleetwood, Howard Grant juror chair. Chapnick. “These people who make photography a reality and without whom we would not see the kind of work coming from many fields. Many of the great proposals submitted varied in their scope and focus; from research, education, projects, participatory, online, festivals, community, socio-political action, etc. This is so important because it speaks to the vast and diverse practices of photography,” he concluded.

“I am grateful for any opportunity to amplify the work and voices of visual storytellers from Asia, and I hope this recognition from the Howard Chapnick Grant will help me sustain my efforts as I continue my work,” said said Jessica Lim, a Chapnick Grant. finalist based in Cambodia. “I also want to deeply thank the team behind the grant and the W. Eugene Smith Memorial Fund for their invaluable and ongoing dedication to supporting photographers through such initiatives, and I hope they can continue to do so in the future.”

2022 W. Eugene Smith Student Scholarship Finalists
Sumi Anjuman: “Hope let the light remain” (Bangladesh)
Trent Bozeman: “The Mayor Left” (USA)
Mohamed Mahdy: “Here the doors don’t know me” (Egypt)
Taniya Sarkar: “Nothing left to call home” (India)

“There was a wide range of meaningful approaches and commitments to social justice issues in the entries,” said Jury Chair Noelle Flores Théard. “All of the finalists were incredibly attentive to the impact of their photographic work on the people they photographed. Overall, as a jury, we were encouraged to see creative approaches to documentary storytelling and are very happy to see how these projects are developing.

“To be named a finalist for the W. Eugene Smith Scholarship is undoubtedly very prestigious,” commented Sumi Anjuman, a finalist student from Bangladesh. “At the same time, I believe that this recognition will motivate me enormously in my future projects.”


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